10 ways to serve your Sauerkraut

1.     As a condiment

The simplest way of adding Sauerkraut into your daily diet is as a condiment to one of your main meals. Pop your jar of Sauerkraut out on the table and add a forkful to your plate. It compliments most dishes and ensures you’re getting all of its health benefits daily. 

2.     In a salad

Add it to your tossed green salad! A few forkfuls of Sauerkraut with a squeeze of lemon, some olive oil and black pepper! Add some cheese, tofu or meat slices to turn this into a fuller meal.

3.     Scrambled

Add it to your morning scrambled eggs for an added ZING, yummy with some chopped avocado! 

4.     In your smoothie

If you’re a smoothing drinker (or even if you’re not yet), you can add a few tablespoons to your morning smoothie recipe

5.     Sauerkraut topped hot dog

A classic American dish. Also works on burgers. 

6.     Sauerkraut on toast or crackers

Tasty with smashed avocado on toast or cheese and crackers.  

7.     Sauerkraut slaw

Mix it up with crated carrot, chopped parsley and toasted nuts, a ginger flavoured Sauerkraut works well with this mixture. 

8.     Sauerkraut sandwich

Add a forkful to liven up any sandwich. 

9.     Cook it

Despite losing some of its health benefits, this is a tasty was of eating it. Add is to soups and stews for a flavour twist!

10.  Straight out the Jar!!

It can be a real energizer during a mid-afternoon slump when you’d rather be napping, and surprisingly tasty. 


Anna Matthews§